I’ve been getting a little attention recently. I’ve reblogged a few over the last couple of weeks … And then, as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve interviewed me over at Conscious Talk, during which I don’t swear once and I reveal a little snippet about some of thinking behind my short story collection, Pills.

CTM have also done me the courtesy of giving Pills a cracking review.

Furthermore, the sales to my books and short stories have started to grow. Feedback from Pills has been better than I ever imagined it would be. (Although the underlying message seems to be: “It’s dark as hell. What the fuck is wrong with you?”)

But, shit. I wasn’t expecting any of that. Thought I’d just put the thing out and then slip back into cosy, lukewarm obscurity. Tick that life goal off my bucket list and get on working a middle management job at some company or other.

I didn’t plan on people being into it.

But here I am. Deal with it.

Anyway, to celebrate my success, here’s a clip from Cruel Intentions (up there with White Chicks and Lifeforce in my top films of all time).


  1. Well Done you and congrats on the interview. I was recommended your book, read a few lines and thought yep that is for me 😵 I am excited!! I’ll let ya know how I get on, looking forward to reading your post ✌🏽

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