Sexy Hobo

So here I am, trawling the utter dross that compiles most of the Amazon bestseller list, when I start noticing that every other book has the word “Billionaire” in the title.

So I’ve had a go a redressing the balance, by taking a few of those book titles and replacing the word “Billionaire” with the word “Hobo”.

Temptation: The Hobo’s Seduction Book 4

Sold On Valentine’s Day: A Virgin and Hobo Romance

Claiming Cinderella: A Dirty Hobo Fairytale

Judged: A Hobo Biker Romance

Hobos and Ballerinas

The Hobo Takes All

The Cowboy’s Nanny – A Single Dad Hobo Romance

Hobo Beast (Hobos Book #11)

Baby By The Hobo – A Standalone Alpha Hobo Secret Baby Romance

Hobo Unloved: The Hobo’s Obsession

V-Card For Sale – A Hobo/Virgin Second Chance Auction Romance

Always Mine (The Barrington Hobos Book 1)

No Ordinary Hobo

Turbulent Intrigue (Hobo Aviators Book 4)

Hobo’s Amnesia: A Standalone Novel (An Alpha Hobo Romance Love Story) (Hobos – Book #9)

Forever Perfect: Hobo Medical Romance (A Chance At Forever Series Book 1)

The Hobo’s Kitten: A Fake Marriage Romance

Daddy’s Hobo Friend

The Forbidden Hobo

Dirty Together (The Dirty Hobo Trilogy Book 3)

The Hobo’s Touch

Secluded Valley: Hobo Cowboy

The Hobo’s Christmas

Bedding The Hobo (Book 3) (The Legacy Collection)

The Hobo’s Secret Heart (Scandals of the Bad Boy Hobos Book 1)



Have I made my point?


‘Til next time.


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