Pills Reviews

So seeing as I spent so long writing this fucking thing, I suppose I should consider marketing it.

Sometimes life gets in the way. It’s a positive interruption, for once, but it’s an interruption nonetheless. However, I’ll write more about that later …

Any reviewers want a copy of Pills so you can whack a five-starrer on Amazon, Goodreads or the front page of The Guardian?

I can do .mobi (kindle), .epub or PDF.

Drop me a line HERE. It’d make my dog (see above) happy.

And then when I’m even more famous than I am right now, and there’s a launch party for the sequel in my Manhattan sprawling penthouse, during which I hire the entire cast of Friends (including the Brad Pitt and the guy who played Gunther) to serve canapés, just because I can, well, maybe you’ll receive an invite. Maybe.


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