I have dropped the ball somewhat regarding social media and all that bullshit one has to do in order to promote one’s ‘brand’. The Twitter bots have been unfollowing me daily and my blog stats have declined a little.

C’est la vie.

That’s okay – I’ve had other things in my life.

The UK was … weird. As much as I miss my friends, family, decent clothes and bars where they will actually let you enjoy a drink, I was happy to return to Sydney. It’s easy here. Everybody isn’t furious like they are back home and the quality of life is a little better. But then the gruelling 25 hour flight made me ill, so I spent the last two weeks with the flu, which would’ve been fine, but since I had just taken almost a month off, I had to drag my ass into work regardless. I’m a conscientious motherfucker like that.

I missed Lucifer, although right now he’s annoying me so much that I’m considering turning him into a pair of dog-fur gloves (it is a chilly 12 degrees, after all). Or maybe a snood.

Have I done much in the way of writing?

Fuck no. The closest I have come to it recently was thinking Maybe I could write a detective novel whilst reading Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes.

I suppose writing Pills wiped me out for a while. I’m taking a little rest.

In other news: I have made a friend. This rarely happens to me, and as much as a joy it is to converse with someone and not want to stab their eyes out, I also find social invitations kind of a hassle. Such are the pitfalls of popularity. Sad emoticon.

Finally, to conclude my non-update, I have started listening to Rage Against The Machine a lot.

Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.

I am 12.



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