Next time I do a release, I’ll try to avoid it being around a UK general election. Sucks the wind out of my sails, somewhat.

“Hey, wanna buy my new book?”

“Argh! The world is exploding. Hung parliament! Brexit! Twitter!”


I will persevere nonetheless.

(Also, I have jet lag from Sydney to London, so excuse me today).

Perfect Anastasia will be FREE Friday 9th June to Tuesday 13th June.

Perfect Anastasia is about drugs. It’s very dark and pretty scary. It also has one of my favourite creations – a character called Mags.

When I first wrote it, it was a vampire story, and it felt a little cliched. So I took out the pointy teeth and I made the exsanguination pretty weird and horrible and BAM! A complete little story about unrequited love and addiction.

It fits toward the more supernatural end of the stories in Pills (out 12th June, kids). I’ve never put this chap out for free before, so now’s your chance to download the fucker as a little appetiser before the main course out next week.

Right, I’m going back to bed.


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