Yes, Pills: 18 Short Stories is out under 2 weeks (13th June, to be precise). So Twenty-Seven, my short story about fame and vanity, is FREE this weekend.

Twenty-Seven is one of my favourite stories. Perhaps because it’s rooted in truth. Real life events inspired the story. (Yeah, read it and then think about that.)

Seems I have spent more time than most surrounded by people hungry for fame. And it’s all really quite crass.

Fame was once a byproduct of society recognising talent. Now it’s a platform for cunts like Piers Morgan to forge weird careers so they don’t have to get a real job like the rest of us pathetic mortals.

In fact, fame is the main subject of the novel I’m working on right now (although that’s turning out so nasty, it makes Twenty-Seven seem like an Enid Blyton tale).

Twenty-Seven also has a lot of ties to other stories in Pills. Four or five of the characters pop up elsewhere. Shit gets connected.

So yeah. From Friday to Sunday, you can download that bastard for free.

Do it!





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