Running Order

Pills is out in a month and it’s up on Amazon for pre-order.

The contents (or ‘track listing’ as I like to think of it) is as follows:

  1. Property
  2. The Hookup
  3. Dot Matrix
  4. Happy Endings
  5. Bit
  6. The Scowl
  7. Sleeping Pills
  8. Perfect Anastasia
  9. Sexting
  10. FMM
  11. Twenty-Seven
  12. Rachel’s Body
  13. Dog In A Suitcase
  14. The Beekeeper
  15. Cremation
  16. Breeders
  17. The Rocking Chair
  18. Standing Ovation


It was always going to start with Property. It sets the tone for the whole thing.

I also thought there was a wonderful arrogance about ending it with something called ‘Standing Ovation’.

I’ll drip-feed more info over the coming month. Try to get this hype train rolling out of the station. Sell my soul etc. etc.

Right, now I’m off to fire the head of MI5 for investigating how fucking talented I am. #topical


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