Almost There

Well that’s it. I have the setlist. Just one quick edit to go and then I’ll be posting the cover and the synopsis and the contents and all that good shit for my upcoming short story collection.

I’ve whittled the running order down to around 18 stories, each between 300 and 8,000 words long.

Can you believe Dot Matrix only came out in October?

Well I’m settling here in Sydney.

Fred and I have bonded over a common enemy (I won’t even get started on that asshole). I have finally discovered how to dress correctly for the climate (light smart/casual trousers with a tucked in shirt and big belt) – kind of Simon Le Bon-esque but (hopefully) without the complete cunt vibe.

I have found out the way to survive the extortionate booze prices is to order wine online (the wonderfully-named VinoMofo serves all my Shiraz needs).

And what else?

Lucifer’s much better. He has no bandage on his leg anymore. He’s bounding around happy and carefree, just as a puppy should. He is forbidden to chew Apple products, Alexander McQueen clothing or human flesh. He ignores all three rules. Like Adam chowing down on that apple, he just can’t help himself. #BiblicalDog

I have made a friend at work. A fellow pom (is that a racist word, by the way?). I haven’t told him I write yet. If I ever do, I’ll probably just say I write thrillers rather than miserable short stories about bad sex and council estates.

Still, it’s nice to be conversed with. To a point.

And that’s it. I think I’ll have a proper update in a week or so when I can finally show you what I’ve been working on (it’s good).

‘Til then, see ya.

(Oh, by the way, Property will be free from midnight Pacific Time 17th April 2017 for 24 hours. If you’ve not yet read my most miserable release to date, do yourself a favour any nab a copy. It kind of sets the tone for the upcoming collection.)

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