Thumbnails & Factory Records

An unexpected byproduct of releasing my clutch of short stories has been some nice feedback on the artwork. Well, I’m no graphic designer, and my first thought was to use one of those companies (or Fiverr) to knock me up a few covers. But I soon found I was either a) bored by their results or b) they looked a little amateurish.

My natural default is music, so I thought of all the great album covers I’ve come across in my life, and you know what I really like? Bold but minimal. Like the great Factory records LPs of the late seventies and eighties.


Pretty soon, I realised this aesthetic tied in perfectly with my main goal: That shit has to look good as a thumbnail.

Do you think people get a huge image of your cover shoved down their face? Well, occasionally (in this blog), but not often. No, Amazon relies on little thumbnails and people scrolling through lists of them in the ‘You might also like’ sections.

That’s why my name is fucking huge (also, it satisfies my massive ego). And that’s why the title is big. And that’s why there are only a few colours on each one (when you make an image small, simplicity and clarity are key).

This weekend I finished the cover for my short story collection. It looks like a record cover ­– I’m very proud of it. It satisfies my DIY origins. I grew up listening to The Buzzcocks and Wire all these wonderful new wave punk bands. To me, indie publishing is the literary equivalent of that movement – it’s a huge fuck you to the establishment and the snobbery that goes with it. It’s very nice when the artwork compliments that.

I’ll do the generic cover reveal and all that crap soon, but for now, I’ll leave you. I need to move on and write a scene about stalking.



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