New Life

‘The weather’s much better,’ they said.

‘It’s like being on holiday all the time,’ they said.

It’s rained in Sydney pretty much every day for the last month. And it’s not that refreshing cold rain like you’ll find back home in good old Blighty, it’s muggy, warm rain. Like having a lukewarm shower. My plethora of rain coats are impractical as they are too hot and heavy. Seems the regulation outfit for bad weather here is a see-through, disposable cagoule. Well, I’m not that type of asshole. I’d rather get wet or sweaty. Wet and Sweaty. Sounds like the names of two crap late night radio DJs playing lounge music.

I’ve taken a job, hence my internet silence of late. It took me two and a half weeks to make an enemy. He’s a very good looking, lazy, nasty chap called … well, let’s call him Fred. Now Fred’s one of those assholes who gets by in life by flashing a charming smile and lying. Inside he’s a bitter husk.

Unfortunately etiquette dictates that I can’t be my usual bullish self in this new job and I need to wait at least a month or two before I’m swearing and growling upsetting the applecart. For the time being I must show a little professionalism. Insincere gloss, if you will.

In the last few weeks I have become the proud parent of a 10 week old toy poodle called Lucifer. He has destroyed everything (his favorite food is expensive shoes). Initially I hated the little fucker. Yelping and pissing on the carpet and nipping my fingers with his baby teeth, but now I’m in love with the guy. He follows me around the flat and curls up in my armpit when I’m watching TV. Unfortunately he arrived with a broken leg (long story – the breeder’s fault). He has to have a plate in it. Goodbye $3k. Still, I’d spend the world fixing him up. He’s bringing out a strangely human side in me. Weird. Still, perhaps it’ll give a little warmth to my writing.

Ah writing!

Obviously with life constantly demanding my attention, I’ve not dedicated as much time as I wanted to it. (And not having the internet for 3 weeks didn’t help either – thanks TPG.) But I’ve made some good headway.

The short story collection is almost complete. One or two more first drafts to kick into shape and then I can look at releasing it. There will be about 20 stories in it. I’ll write a whole blog post on it later, but here’s the thing I’m excited about – THEY ALL LINK TOGETHER. Albeit from the tiniest Easter egg to overlapping characters to direct sequels. I have created a little universe to work with. In that way it feels less like a collection of short stories and more like a loosely formatted novel. I’m very happy with it.

The actual novel is rolling ahead, too. The first draft is completely planned and 70% of scenes are written. It will, however, require a massive rewrite. I’m thinking around five drafts. At some point I might be looking for beta readers. But I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

So yeah. That’s pretty much it.

In the last year I 6 months I have lived in 7 different properties. Busy times.

New country. New job. New dog. New projects.

It’s not been easy, but it’s been very fulfilling.

Sitting on a beach in Mexico, sipping on a margarita seems a long time ago now.


  1. Glad to read you again. Even my husband, not the most blog interested of men, asked if I’d heard from the cursing Brit who moved to Australia. Sounds like you’re inserting yourself into the culture and the weather. I, too, thought Sydney’s weather was more…dry.

    Can’t wait for more of your surly stories!

    Give Lucifer a hug for me. Just love dogs, even the little sharp-toothed pups!

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  2. I was just in England for the first time in ten years. I stayed in Broadstairs fo a week or so. The weather was so awful it had me wondering why, robbed of the will to live, the entire population of the town didn’t flock to the cliffs a couple of weeks after Christmas to throw themselves off like lemmings.

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  3. So you’ve got a dog!? That suggests longevity in Australia, despite the appallingly misrepresented weather. Hope the little leg heals up okay.

    Please write as much as you can about the odious Fred and how you (eventually) give him his comeuppance. Sounds like a brilliant way to make the most of your new job.

    Will look forward to hearing more about the impending publication of your stories.

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  4. Glad to hear your update! A cat chose to live with us, she robs my seats. She lies down on my chair in front of my computer, and when I tell her to move she meows like she has a right to be there. Then fucks off to MY side of the couch. Honestly!

    I like the warm rain, but then I remembered you are in a city. City rain sucks. I love thunderstorm rain because you have no choice but to be soaked through. None of this damp malarky that Irish rain freaking loves.

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      1. Go look at the St Patrick’s day photos, homesickness for cold miserable rain disappears!

        I love cats and dogs, but cats are easier. You can disappear for a few days and they’ll treat you the same way. You can’t disappear on a dog, they are way too needy! And also someone would have called animal rescue on you.

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