I’m starting to get strategic with these releases now. I must admit, tying to add ‘marketing strategies’ and ‘planning’ to something artistic never sits well with me, but it’s one of those things I just have to suck up and get on with.

So I have Perfect Anastasia coming out tomorrow (you pre-ordered it yet?*), and I thought on the two days running up to it, I’d run a free promo on Property.

‘Market exposure’, right?

Property’s currently doing quite well review-wise. People seem to rate it a little less than Dot Matrix (probably because it’s so bleak and introspective), but those who do like it, really seem to enjoy the story.

Anyway, I was expecting the promotion to shift a few free copies to whoever the fuck was vaguely interested. C’est la vie etc.

What I was not expecting was this:


Yeah, that’s right. #1 in the top free Kindle horror shorts. (That’s for he US store, btw.)

I suppose a couple of reviews and altering my product description to include a bunch of keywords did the trick.


I guess I’m doing something right.

Is it time to get my Twitter verified yet?


Right, I’m off to gaze at myself in the mirror now, so I’ll leave you, dear subjects, with the video of Nada Surf’s Popular.


*How’s my ‘marketing strategy’ working out?


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