Future Plans

I suspect my current lack of 9-5 bullshit (and regular pay check) is partially down to an unwillingness to step back into the office again and partially down to the fact that I didn’t go to a private school in Mosman.

Whatever the reason, it’s giving me so much valuable time to write.

Later this year (although not too much later if I keep going like this) I plan on releasing a compilation of short stories. I like to think of it as the album to the singles I have already released.

There will be around twenty or so tales in the thing, anything from 300 – 10,000 words long. I’m about halfway through putting it all together. I cover all the classics – spiders, creepy kids, self immolation, autoerotic asphyxiation. It’ll be a tasteful literary masterpiece. They’ll no doubt discuss it in creative writing classes all over the world.

There is a title, of course, but I won’t spoil you too much with details today. I’ll simply leave it there and get back to actual writing rather than blogging.


      1. Agreed! One more question, do you think people will buy even though you’ve previously published the writing – just where you say it’s like putting already released singles into an album?


      2. Yeah, I think so. There will only be about 6 or so already released ones, versus 14 or so unreleased. And I’ll probably make it a psychical copy, too and maybe even add little intros to each story (depending on whether it’s worth it). Besides, it’s only 99p to buy the individuals, so it’s not like I’ve scammed a bunch of money from a bunch of strangers. I think of it more as the other way around – if you’re curious about my writing, buy a single story and if you like that, take the plunge and buy the compilation.


      3. I’m glad you mentioned the word “scam” because that’s what I was worried about – if I did it myself I mean! Well I am enjoying your blog so I will probably purchase something soon regardless ☺ thanks for answering my questions, I just find self publishing fascinating at the moment!


      4. Yeah, I suppose it could look like that, but when you’re putting a bunch of short stories out for 99p each, your main aim isn’t for financial gain, it’s to achieve exposure. Also, I make them free quite a lot, too, so most people haven’t paid anything.
        Self publishing has given a new life to literature. It has its negative points, obviously, but there’s a real buzz about the whole business now.
        Ask as many questions as you like – I’m always happy to answer 🙂


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