For once, I have time.

I will get myself a proper job here in Sydney at some point, but right now there’s nothing much out there. This place closes down between the start of December and the end of January. We’re currently halfway through the first real working week of 2017 in Australia.

And while it might be nice to have a bit of cash coming in, it’s also very nice to have the time to write.

So far I’ve drafted about a third of my first novel (if you think my short stories are bleak, wait until you get a load of the full length JB). Curiously, though, there’s no supernatural horror in it. It’s kind of a thriller, I suppose. And the villain is my most wonderful creation to date. Thoroughly evil, yet, like all the best villains, you kind of root for him. So far his name is Milford Vance, but that might change throughout the editing process.

I’ve also completed about four or five short stories. I’m in a real rhythm now.

The only thing that puts me off my stride are those pesky recruitment consultants calling me up and trying to get me into the city for an interview with some bullshit company or other. They seem to be intent on fitting square pegs into round holes. But you just have to be hard with them, the same way you’d handle an estate agent. Or a feral dog.

I have the luxury of being a little choosy with jobs now (a trait I wish I’d applied to my love life in my twenties).

Of course there will be a time (later this month, I suspect), when I will have to don a suit and comb my hair and wander into an office and pretend I like sport to a bunch of strangers I have nothing in common with. But until then, I’m am just enjoying the moment.

Anyway, I was planning on putting some sort of short story collection out late 2017, but at this rate, it might be a little sooner. That’ll be nice, eh?

But it all depends on when I start working again.

Perhaps I should have a shave.

(Note: Here’s something amusing for you all, considering today’s fucked-up political climate: I am technically an immigrant.)



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