Perfect Anastasia

The new one went through as bunch of titles … The Passenger … Young Blood … Silver Audi.

I quite liked The Passenger, and I originally wanted to quote some of the Iggy Pop song before the story began, but do you know how much you have to pay for that shit? Fair enough, I suppose. It is stealing somebody else’s words. I wouldn’t like it if Iggy Pop quoted me and didn’t pay me. Still, I can give you a link to the YouTube video.

Here’s the synopsis:

Andy Moretti doesn’t have much luck with girls. But tonight, things are different. Tonight he’s met Anastasia. And she’ll go home with him, too. On one condition: Andy Moretti picks up drugs for her.

It seems simple enough. Just jump into the dealer’s car and exchange the money for the merchandise. But the moment Andy steps into the passenger seat, the night takes a sinister turn …

I love this one. It’s the most surreal story I’ve released so far, but there’s also a fair amount of heart to it. And a lot of blood.

Anyway, it comes out 14th February. Valentine’s Day.

Whatever romantic plans you have for the evening, cancel them, stay home and read Perfect Anastasia, she won’t let you down.



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