Ever Fallen In Love …?

So yeah, the next one is a love story and it’ll be out 14th February 2017.

Title and synopsis etc. will be available in the near future.

I say ‘love story’ … well, perhaps that’s not strictly true. There is a boy and girl in it. Smiley face box ticked. There is some sort of romantic undertone to it. Mandatory love hearts and fluffy bunnies, of course.

But also there’s a lot of drugs.

Still, they say love is a drug, right?

Ah, I’ve always wanted to do an ironic Valentine’s Day release.




  1. I can’t get my head around Bryan Ferry naming his son after a lift. After all, it would’ve been the ultimate sin to name him after Otis Redding.
    I saw Otis Redding at Leicester’s Granby Halls on the European Stax tour of 1967. There were only three gigs in the UK, if my memory serves me right.

    I saw Bryan Ferry a couple of times too. Once in a posh antique shop on Kensington Park Road and once leaning on a juke box at an opening of an exhibition of John Krevine’s collection. I was drunk at the time, but then I was nearly always drunk when I wasn’t stoned. Mind you, as I was usually both, I’m not the best judge. Anyway, I much preferred seeing Otis Redding.

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    1. Otis must’ve been quite something – you’re very lucky.
      I love Roxy Music. Had a stand up row with a guy about which was their best album once (he liked Avalon and I was going for Stranded). There was a lot of shouting and it almost came to blows. The other guests at the wedding were not impressed. Still, therein lies the danger of having a free bar.


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