Property Soundtrack

A short while ago I wrote about making playlists to help with context-dependent moods. It was pretty much pop psychology, but then I do have a degree in the subject, so I guess I’m not completely talking out of my ass here.

And when I shared the Dot Matrix soundtrack, it was pretty heavy. Dot Matrix was like an angry shout. A pretty good way to debut, I thought.

Property, on the other hand, is a nasty whisper in your ear. As a result, the soundtrack is far quieter and way more sinister.

I love jazz. Particularly Chet Baker. His life story is one of the most harrowing things in music. There’s a great documentary called Let’s Get Lost that’s worth watching if you’re into that sort of thing.

I also like French shit because it makes me seem cultured. Hence the inclusion of Francoise Hardy.

And Hope Sandoval is the voice that haunts a million dreams. I could’ve put any of the Warm Inventions or the Mazzy Star tracks on there, but Trouble fitted best with my mood at the time.

Property is, at it’s heart, a very sad tale. The soundtrack, I think, reflects that. There’s a lot of dark, beautiful operatic stuff on there. Give it a whirl.

So there you are. That’s what gets my fucked-up brain off now and then.



  1. Françoise Hardy’s version of ‘End of the World’ is one of my all-time favourites. Just searched for it on the net and it seems to have vanished. It isn’t on Youtube and a quick Google search fails to turn up anything at all. Almost as though it never existed. Must be some copyright issue. But how can they make things disappear like that? Even if you aren’t allowed to listen to it, there should be a record of its existence, and a reason given for its removal. Talk about fake news, now we have faked bios airbrushing stuff out of history completely.

    I’m doing some research into Aaron Swartz at the moment. ‘The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz’ is a documentary on his life. It’s a bit long, but well worth watching, as it may be a sign of things to come.

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