Captain Jack

Happy 2017 my wonderful friends.

I don’t know how yours went, but I planned on having a respectable celebration this year. When the clocks ticked over to midnight, I had romantic visions of sauntering out of wherever I was, sober and together. I’d arrive home around 12:30am and start 2017 with a clear mind and a healthy body.

That didn’t happen, of course, so I spent 1st January 2017 watching 13 back-to-back episodes of Fringe and eating Pringles (they’re smaller in Sydney).

But I suppose I’ve had worse days.

And then on 2nd January, my hangover still lingering, I went on a boat trip with some friends across the harbour. We ate oysters and fresh prawns from the side of the boat as it was moored by a deserted little beach.

This is my life now.

Weird, huh?

I must admit that I feel a little displaced out of the drizzle and pubs and the confusion of London. Do I sound like a whiny brat for not embracing all this nature and goodness that my new life is now offering me?

‘Ain’t this the best place in the world?’ someone said, as we ate the oysters, drank Tattinger and the sun burned my pasty English skin.

Perhaps embracing the outdoors is something that can be learnt.

I will persevere.

I may be many things, but a quitter I am not.






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