PROPERTY is FREE 1st & 2nd JAN 2017

Got the hangover from hell?

Started off 2017 with a mouth that feels like sandpaper?

Haven’t slept and waiting for that comedown to kick in?

Regretting sending that person a suggestive text at midnight, and embarrassed because, no matter how much you’ve stared at your phone since, they still haven’t replied?

Waiting for Domino’s to open so you can order a large meat feast with 2 premium sides?

Did you really take that Uber at 6x surge price?

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR, motherfuckers!

To make you feel a little better about life and to ease you gently into 2017, Property is free on on 1st and 2nd January 2017.

Here’s the very tiny blurb:

You’ve bought a brand new apartment. The taps glisten. The rain shower falls hot and heavy. But beneath it all lurks something evil…

And here are a few snippets of feedback for you:

‘Subtle hints, self-realization, and an ending you wish you saw coming.’

Anna Kopp


‘Jack seems to take his observations from life and serve them to you with some sharp edge… Sometimes, the writing just has it. And in this case, it does have that something…’

Liz Scanlon


I completely melded into the second person narrative.’

Meg Sorick


‘Dark. Bleak. Grim. Slightly depressing because it’s so grounded in reality.’

Alen B Curtiss


‘A highly recommend – if grim – little gem.’

Tim Kimber


His writing style is unique, descriptive, and blended just right for the story.’

Michael W Griffith


I should mention here, that anyone who has ever left a review (either good or bad) – thank you for taking that time to share your thoughts. Means a lot to me (although, obviously, the more so if it’s a positive review).

So what the hell are you waiting for …?


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  1. Reblogged this on Mad About the Dogs and commented:

    The funny author so eloquently invites folks to *Download the fucking thing now*, so what ARE you waiting for? It’s a free Kindle book, and you *know* you’re curious. What kind of book could a man named “Jack Binding” possibly write? Well, download it and find out.

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