Social Networking Update

I finish the year with around 2,050 Twitter followers. Well that’s pretty nice, right?

I suppose social networking is only as productive was what you put into it.

I cannot be fucked with Instagram anymore. My personal FB is deleted.

I use FB for my author page only.

Google+ is still a mystery to me.

For me, Twitter and WordPress are the two main platforms for successful self-promotion. Facebook, I think, is a little too personal. Do you want my BUY MY NEW BOOK update in the same timeline as ‘grandma’s died :-(‘ and ‘Dave’s bought a new Audi’ ?

But when scrolling through a list of impersonal Tweets, BUY MY NEW BOOK fits in much nicer.

I try, however, to mix the Tweets up. There’s nothing duller than a list of promotional links. I want to know that there’s a person writing those Tweets, not some fucking robot.

So I like to get festive …



Or I jump onto those trending hashtag things …


Occasionally I get political …


Or maybe I offer employment advice …


Or I’ll chat about art …


Transport news …


Love and sex …

Screenshot 2016-12-30 13.13.11.png

Emotive topics, such as mortality …


New technology …



Dating advice …


Motivational Tweets …




So, yeah. 2016 may have sucked in many ways, but I finally understood Twitter. And that’s more than some people accomplish in their entire lives.



  1. Funny enough, I came to the same decisions earlier this month. I went a bit further and deleted all but a couple of my social networking accounts though: Instagram, Google+, a 2nd Twitter account, and nearly all but 1 of my Facebook pages. Then I deactivated my actual Facebook profile. (I didn’t delete it — I still am nominally in charge of a Facebook business page for a former client, so I keep it available for that. However, by deactivating my profile I cannot be found in, or contacted, via Facebook, even by my “friends” and connections.)

    I kept just my 8-year-old Twitter account and my WordPress site. It’s absolutely glorious and freeing to just focus on the two: Twitter for content discovery, and WordPress for content creation. That’s it. I’m finding myself writing much more often, and thinking more deeply, than when my attention was scattered across multiple, shallow networks.

    That sounds terribly self-congratulatory, sort of like saying, “Oh, I don’t watch TV or even *own* one.” sniff sniff. If anything, I’m embarrassed to even contemplate the incredible amount of time I used to spend consuming someone else’s content instead of creating my own. 2017 is about changing that ratio, flipping it upside down. I salute you for taking the same path.

    By the way, I know that 2016 has been a real clusterfuck of a year for you as much as it has been for so many of us, so I’ll just wish you a happier 2017. May the best of your past be the worst of your future.


    1. ‘Twitter for content discovery, and WordPress for content creation.’ Yes. This! Completely.

      How freeing is it? There’s this kind of expectation that if you don’t constantly update every single social networking platform, you’re kind of failing. BS, I reckon. And yes, so much better to create your own stuff or think deeply rather than scroll through ‘Alan likes Dominos’ Facebook feeds. I wonder if it’ll start declining in membership in the near future? I hope so.

      And thanks for the 2017 wishes – same to you. 🙂

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      1. It’s incredibly freeing! And I’m speaking as someone who used to own and manage a social media marketing agency, so it’s not as if I was always anti-social media. I think I just came to the realization that whatever value it once held for me — as a way to connect with like-minded writers and, say, Francophiles — has diminished considerably since it became overrun with commercial advertisers and fake news. I also realized that I was spending far less time actually nurturing my “real” friendships than I used to, and somehow had deluded myself into thinking that these online relationships were a suitable substitute.

        Re: possible declining membership. I was thinking the same thing yesterday, in fact. I’ve always sucked at spotting trends in popular culture, but…maybe? Have you read this article, “I Used to be a Human Being”? ( It’s one of the most “saved” articles in Pocket (my favorite content-capturing app) in 2016, and with good reason. Maybe it’s a harbinger of things to come? I’m hoping so.

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  2. Having no more than a WordPress account I suppose I’m the internet equivalent of a trappist monk. No wonder I have so few followers. And there I was thinking it’s because I’m crap. I’d let my Mum know if she wasn’t dead already.


  3. Thank you for expressing the struggle to create/maintain an author page. I’ve linked my WP to tumblr and twitter. Trying to check in with each account and post or repost something so people know I’m human and of course follow back (mutual support). I’m not crazy, yet.

    Here’s to finding the right balance to it all **cheers**

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