Dot Matrix/Property/Twenty-Seven by Jack Binding

Thank you thank you thank you! Property is actually my favourite too – you have exceptional taste 😀😀😀

Cover to Cover

Jack Binding takes the raw, unpolished version of reality, lightly douses it in horror, and delivers it with a fitting moral of the story.

Having read the below 3 stories it seems ambition and greed are the overarching topics yet the settings and characters are unique per story. Everyone can ramble on about a topic or idea, it’s making an impact and getting the whole point across with a short story that is a skill. You’ll only feel a sense of satisfaction from a short story when you don’t feel like the author is keeping secrets, or the best bits, for themselves. In this case, I’m a very happy camper indeed- three full-bodied short stories that have been the highlights of 3 of my lunch breaks.

Note: click on the covers for the story’s Goodreads page. Below I have linked author’s website.

Dot Matrix by Jack Binding                         Amazon UK | USA

32495376London’s Square Mile…

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