Nerd Service

Sometimes I just want to get down and write. Y’know?

If only life were so simple. If only I could write full time. Perhaps then I’d allow myself the small indulgence of occasionally bleating on about how I’m a misunderstood, impoverished artist and how I’m far too dedicated to my work to consider such trivialities as rent, mortgages and buying groceries.


Oh, for the luxury of being appreciated before I die.

-Jack Binding, 2016

Today, however, I have done some excellent work. Booker Prize worthy? You bet. Perhaps there’s something about being dosed up on painkillers and mind-fucked from jet lag that allows your imagination to stray farther into the woods than you’d usually let it. Christ, I was world-building this morning. Making up words and having rules for this and that in this new fictional playground.

Initially I was just writing about a drug deal gone wrong. Next thing I know, I’m in fucking Gallifrey (only with more crack).

Well, that was pretty lovely.

But after the fun stuff, comes the grit. The grind. The hassle.

After I’d drained my artistic balls, cue two hours of learning how fucking Mailchimp works. I usually like to be a little more compos mentis when working out technical stuff like that, but I got there in the end.



Maybe I’ll run competitions.

Meet and greet with Jack Binding in the dive bar of his choice (you’re paying). 

Sounds good to me.

Anyway, please sign up to it. I promise I won’t spam much. And if you hate it, you can just hit the ‘Unsubscribe’ button. And how satisfying is that?

I was thinking of adding a pop-up Subscribe button. What do you think?

I also have Facebook and Twitter and all those other horrible things we don’t need but somehow now cannot imagine life without. Follow me or whatever if you feel so inclined. Or not. It’s up to you.

Anyway, today was good. Writing wonderfully and then doing all that extraneous nerd crap one needs to keep on top of nowadays.

Sydney, by the way, is lovely. I fucked up my knee jogging around Centennial Park, just like a real Australian. However, I’ve sunburnt my neck, just like a real tourist.


Until next time.


  1. I so wanted to say that pop ups are the work of Satan but I kind of am a Satanist and with the marketing hat on you just can’t overlook a pop-up….

    Loved ‘Property’ by the way! Once Kindle delivers Twenty-Seven I’ll be able to give some reviewing spotlight for your works on the aul bloggio…

    Tell us more about the fantasy… full length job? short?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked Property and thanks for the props. Yeah, I’m leaning toward the pop-up, even if it does make me feel kind of dirty.
      The fantasy thing is a WIP. It’s currently a short, but all my stories are connected, so imagine it’ll pop up again. It’s daunting and v existing at the same time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Jack, lovely to meet you. I love your sense of humour, I can tell I’m going to enjoy reading your posts. I haven’t started a mailing list yet, I think I should wait until my book has been published. I love creative genius days, unfortunately we’re required to keep on top of the tedious platform building. Pft!

    Liked by 1 person

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