“Property” is FREE Today – Here’s What People Have Said …

I am writing this from my sick bed. 40 hours of flights over 2 days got the better of me.

Anyway …

Property’s still free until midnight Sunday.

People have been very kind about the spiky little tome. So if you haven’t downloaded this yet, maybe the kind words of others might help you decide …


Dark. Bleak. Grim. Slightly depressing because it’s so grounded in reality. It is also an entertaining short read. I’m not really sure what that says about my state of mind, but still, I liked it. I liked it a lot. Mr. Binding has a writing style I can easily associate with, an imagination to match, and the ability to marry the two into exceptional stories.

Alen B Curtiss, Amazon UK

What really stands out for me about “Property” is the writer’s voice. His writing style is unique, descriptive, and blended just right for the story. I personally believe one of the great measures of a work is how well it grabs the reader’s attention, pulling her into the story, right from the start. This may be even more important with a short story. This is precisely where “Property” succeeds.

Michael W Griffith, Amazon US

Check it out. My guess is, you’ll be glad you did.

-fjgallagher, Amazon US

Subtle hints, self-realization, and an ending you wish you saw coming.

Anna Kopp 





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