New Release: Twenty-Seven

And I bet you lot thought I’d been lazing in a hammock, drinking piña coladas. 

Well, firstly, I hate piña coladas – I’m more of a Manhattan man. Secondly, they charge you to rent out the hammocks here, so … fuck that. And thirdly, I’m a hard worker. #NoDaysOff (winky face).

Maybe the promise of releasing one short story a month seemed like a hollow threat back in September, but now, friends, it’s a grim reality. Like Brexit and Trump. You thought it wouldn’t happen, but it has.

This one’s called Twenty-Seven and it’s about the obsession of fame and, well, it’s also about drugs. I did my research and was reliably informed all my references were accurate. This is in no way influenced by personal experience. I cannot stress that enough.

There’s also a sex scene in it. Yeah, that’s right. Boning. So maybe I’ll open up a whole new market there. (I have altered my KDP keywords accordingly …)

It’s out on 15th December and it’d make the perfect Christmas gift for the family that member you loathe.

15/12/2016 if you’re in the UK.

12/15/2016 if you’re in the US.

Links on the right and in the bibliography, but here’s the front cover for y’all anyway.





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