Property is out today.

I love this one. It’s dark and it’s unsettling and – for me, at least – kind of subtle.

And here’s the clincher – I wrote that fucker in second person present tense.

A bead of sweat runs from your temple, down your cheek and soaks into the collar of your double-cuff, classic check Thomas Pink shirt.

See – you you you.

To be honest, I usually find second person jarring – Bright Lights, Big City irritated me by the end. But for a short story (Bradbury’s The Night, for example), it works just fine.

Most of the story takes place in a sweltering, packed Tube carriage. Using second person let me bring the reader in even more – you are there. I thought it gave it this uncomfortable air of claustrophobia.

Anyway, this one is all about the final paragraph. I wanted to pull the reader in, punch them in the gut and then saunter off as they were a crumpled mess on the floor.

I’ll release a romance next, I think.


Smiley emoticon. Etc.



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