So I was going to write a nice long entry about life and the woes of being a white, middle-class, western, straight (ish) male … And work has yet again pummelled me into compromising with a skinny little update.


Dot Matrix has been doing okay. People have bought it and people have left very kind reviews – all of which are very appreciated and I will write a longer piece on them when I can.

So, sticking to plan (I love a plan) – the next one will be out 7th November 2016.

I was torn with which short story to release next, but in the end I decided on Property. It’s one of my favourite things I have ever written, and I thought it might be a little bleak to share so early, but … fuck it. YOLO etc.


Here’s the cover.



You can even pre-order the fucker here.

Off to lunch now, but we’ll touch base later, yeah?



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