Career Progression

At little under 2 weeks,  I leave the job I’ve been at for the past 9 years.

3 months is a long old time to work out a notice. I was kind of hoping they’d put me on gardening leave. No such luck.  Then the fuckers had the gall to send me an ‘Exit Questionnaire.’



They still haven’t put me on gardening leave.

Anyway, while I’m here, buy my fucking book …

It’s called Dot Matrix and it’s about murdering and offices and stuff.

I’ll blog properly tomorrow, okay?








  1. I am leaving my teaching profession after 20 years…I turn in my notice next year if I can hold out that long. I am tired of giving my all to a profession that gives nothing back to me and I want to work on my author life. I will check out your book…will put it on my Kindle tonight. Happy freedom!

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    1. Thanks Michelle! I don’t know if I’ll be pursuing the author life 100%, but a break from the day-to-day will be very welcome. Good luck with quitting your profession – it’s a very liberating experience.


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