So you voted and I listened.

The One With All The Swearing won. I suppose that’s what I’d have gone for, too.

As Nancy Doyle commented, “You are truly the master of English profanity.”

Well, maybe.

So anyway, I was thinking Do I something as audacious as a cover reveal?

And then I thought on it some more and I came to the answer: Of course, you fucking idiot.

It’s a short story (of which I now have a good few) and will be released on 6th October 2016 through Amazon’s Kindle store for as cheap as I can make it. I plan on releasing a few more by the end of the year.

I guess I’ll give you more details at the time, but without further ado (and because I’ll be late for my therapist if I dick around with this blog any longer), here it is:



Bold writing!


Read me you fuckers!

It’s not subtle, but then subtle isn’t really my thing. I was a teenager in the ’90s. I have the Trainspotting aesthetic imprinted on my brain.

Also, my name is in HUGE font, and I found that pleasing.

We’ll speak later. ‘Til then, stay safe.

(Any advice on writing a blurb greatly appreciated.)


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