Here’s why I’ve been quiet recently – I’ve been writing. Good stuff, too.

I now have some stories ready to go. However, I’m finding it hard to choose which one to release first (because I love ‘em all), so I thought I’d hand it over to you lot. Most of you seem smarter than me. Most.



Since my last update, life has been kind. There has been the odd Twitter spat with a decrepit racist or two, but apart from that, things have been very, very good.

I leave my job on 8th November and fly to Sydney a week or so after that. Exchange contracts on my flat later this week (unless the motherfucker goes Catholic on me and pulls out at the last minute).

So yeah, it’s actually happening.

My main fear (other than the deadly spiders) is the fashion – I saw all those men walking around the CBD in their tent-like suits – so I’ve been stocking up on nice clothes. Other than that, I feel very excited about the future.

There’s something to be said for taking control of one’s life.

Anyway, back to the grindstone (i.e. Word minimised so they think I’m picking through a legal document, but I’m actually working on scene #3 of this horrific little tale called “Breeders”).




  1. Though my heart went for the deppressingly bleak one, I have the feeling the one with all the drugs sounds the most commercial. The thought of one with the dead dog being so close to the first anniversary of the demise Sammy, our dead dog, was too heart-breaking for me, so I ruled it out on personal reasons, even though others who have experiences of stepping from the front into dog shit first thing in the morning might think differently. As for the fucking story with all the fucking swearing you’d have to be a right cunt to like fucking stuff like that fucker.

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    1. That’s an actual fucking line from the sweary cunting story. The depressingly bleak one is my favourite, I think. Although, it’s written in second person, present-tense, so that might be an obstacle. Still, I’m not pretending I’m Dan Brown, so maybe that’s okay…

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